nbreport.processing.create_instance(report_repo, instance_id=None, template_variables=None, instance_path=None, overwrite=False, github_username=None, github_token=None, server=None)

Create a report instance.

report_repo : nbreport.repo.ReportRepo

Report repository.

instance_id : str, optional

The instance identifier. Leave as None to reserve a new instance with the server.

template_variables : dict, optional

If provided, these key-value pairs are used to render the templated notebook. If None, the templated notebook is not rendered. If an empty dict, the templated notebook is renderd but entirely with defaults defined in cookiecutter.json.

instance_path : str or pathlib.Path, optional

If provided, this is the directory of the report instance. Otherwise, a directory will be automatically created in the current working directory, formatted as {{handle}}-{{id}}.

overwrite : bool, optional

If True, and a directory of the same name as instance_path exists, that directory is overwritten with the new instance.

github_username : str, optional

GitHub username. Only required if instance_id is None.

github_token : str, optional

Personal access token for the GitHub user. Only required if instance_id is None.

server : str, optional

Hostname of the, or equivalent, service. Only required if instance_id is None.

instance : nbreport.instance.ReportInstance

A ReportInstance corresponding to an instance directory on the local filesystem.