nbreport.templating.render_cell(cell, context, jinja_env)

Render the Jinja-templated source of a single notebook cell.

cell : nbformat.NotebookNode

An individual cell from a notebook, as a NotebookNode. This object can also be created programatically, see nbformat.v4.new_code_cell, nbformat.v4.new_markdown_cell, and nbformat.v4.new_raw_cell.

context : dict-like

The template context. Usually this is constructed via cookiecutter.generate.generate_context.

jinja_env : cookiecutter.environment.StrictEnvironment

The Jinja environment.

cell : nbformat.NotebookNode

The input cell with the source member replaced with rendered content.


This function operates on the source member of the provided cell. Other members of the cell are left unmodified.

For more information about the format of a cell, see The Notebook file format in the nbformat docs.